Washington Post
Jul 21, 2022

Analysis | Carbon removal is moving full steam ahead. So is climate change.

On Wednesday, the Department of Energy hosted the Carbon Negative Shot Summit, where the agency explored low-cost, clean and innovative ways to store huge amounts of carbon as the nation tries to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

Washington Post
May 18, 2022

Analysis | Is Carbon Removal Finally Getting Serious?

In a field long plagued by hype and high costs, new startups are showing real promise. The question is whether they can scale up in time.

Washington Post
Dec 2, 2021

Analysis | Carbon Capture: The Vacuum the Climate May Depend On

The most recent report by the world’s top climate scientists was alarmingly clear: If we are to avoid the most calamitous consequences of warming our planet, we must get as good at taking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere as we’ve been at putting it in. Even if solar panels and wind turbines sprout like mushrooms, reaching “net-zero” is going to require capturing large amounts of emissions from activities that are hard to decarbonize, like making cement. Holding temperatures down will also re