Eindhoven, Netherlands


Carbyon was founded in 2019. The company develops a fast-swing machine to capture CO2 from air. Carbyon is a start-up company with 13 people. Carbyon works together with a number of universities and research organizations in Belgium and The Netherlands. The machine is developed in close collaboration with major machine manufacturing companies from the microelectronics industry.

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Cary, North Carolina, United States (USA)


Sustaera has developed a Direct Air Capture (DAC) of CO2 technology solution powered entirely by carbon-free electricity using an abundantly available, low-cost capture agent (alkali metal based) in a modular design that can work in any geographic location in a wide range of ambient temperatures and humidities. Our engineered solution for DAC provides a platform technology for gigatons of CO2 removal and permanent storage.

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Ingatestone, United Kingdom

Parallel Carbon Limited

Parallel Carbon is an early-stage startup building affordable direct air capture technology relying only on wind, sunshine, and abundant minerals. By leveraging massive, existing supply chains, project development is simplified and repeatable, unlocking gigaton scale. Parallel Carbon’s low capital costs and reliance on clean electrons enables integration with intermittent renewable power – perfectly aligned with a net-zero future. Decarbonize and remove carbon, in Parallel.

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San Francisco, United States (USA)


Noya is on a mission to accelerate the world’s transition to carbon negativity. Founded in 2020 by CEO Josh Santos and CTO Daniel Cavero, with a goal to ensure a healthy planet for generations to come, Noya has developed a scalable, cost-effective Direct Air Capture approach using abundant materials.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands


Skytree’s DAC technology revolves around scalable, carbon removal products that increase power efficiency whilst improving air quality. Our patented CO2 removal process was first developed for the air scrubber onboard the International Space Station. This would go on to become the basis of the filtration system that we are now implementing into electric cars called Ersa and validating for other business cases.

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New York, United States (USA)

Aircela Inc

Aircela is a micro-DAC to e-fuels startup. We’re developing a fridge-sized device to capture C02 from the air and make a gallon of gas a day. We’re based in Manhattan and will have products on the market by 2022.

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The RedoxNRG team has developed an advanced carbon capture system that pulls carbon dioxide directly from the air and provides it as a feedstock for high-value products.

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New York, United States (USA)

Global Thermostat

Formed in 2010, Global Thermostat (GT) is commercializing its advanced, multi-patented technology to transform carbon dioxide from a global liability into an opportunity for global prosperity. Using its proven, breakthrough technology, GT economically captures and concentrates CO2, enabling its profitable re-use across multiple large & growing industries – including materials which sequester the CO2, which is needed to address climate change.

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Hamburg, Germany

BlancAir DACMa GmbH

We manufacture and sell machines that capture CO2 from the ambient air (DAC). The ambient air is fed into the machine, the CO2 it contains is separated and kept ready for further use for example as a valuable raw material for the production of powerfuels.

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Pittsburgh, United States (USA)

Carbon Blade

Carbon Blade is pioneering a DAC solution to provide stand-alone and small-footprint modules that combine distributed, renewable-powered electrochemical separation for carbon dioxide removal from ambient air. The technology is based on a three-step carbon capture reaction resulting in lower regeneration costs. Given Carbon Blade’s distributed focus, the units are compact, self-contained, scaleable, and capable of rapid deployment and re-positioning with minimal environmental impacts.

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TerraFixing Inc.

TerraFixing is a DAC utilizing adsorbents to capture and concentrate CO2 from cold dry climates

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Camarillo, CA, United States (USA)

Hago Energetics, Inc.

Our mission is to contribute to reversing the direction of the Keeling curve.

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Newark, United States (USA)

Carbon Reform

Modular carbon capture and indoor air quality control for commercial buildings

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Calgary, Canada

Carbon Cantonne

Carbon Cantonne is a novel DAC company that combines a self-sustaining, heat-generating, and graphite-producing process to provide all of the necessary heat for regenerating both our proprietary solid sorbent and the conversion reagent.

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Berlin, Germany

NeoCarbon GmbH


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Lappeenranta, Finland

Soletair Power

Direct air capture machine manufacturer

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Berkeley, CA, United States (USA)

AirCapture LLC

Commercializing DAC and carbon to products

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Nordic DAC Group

Nordic DAC Group offers high-quality permanent carbon removal certificates, removing unavoidable, hard-to-reduce, and historical CO2 emissions. The service contains advance purchases of Direct Air Capture credits to accelerate companies’ race toward net-zero and beyond. Sold credits are allocated in a to be built Norwegian DAC plant, developed by Carbon Removal AS, and will remove 0.5 to 1 megaton of CO2 per year from the atmosphere to be permanently stored away under the Norwegian sea.

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San Francisco, United States (USA)

Heirloom Carbon

Heirloom leverages the natural properties of abundant minerals to develop the world’s most cost-effective, scalable direct air capture system. Our unique combination of a modular system, low-cost inputs, and simple mineralization process will unlock a fast track to removing 1B tons of CO2 from the atmosphere by 2035.

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Zurich, Switzerland

Climeworks AG

Climeworks AG is a leading Swiss direct air capture company, striving to inspire 1 billion people to remove CO2 from the air. Climeworks captures the CO2 directly from the atmosphere for either safe and permanent geologic storage for carbon dioxide removal or as a sustainable CO2 feedstock. Its modular technology runs exclusively on clean energy and can be scaled effectively. Customers include Microsoft, Swiss Re, and BCG, among others, making it a leading leader in direct air capture.

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Mevo Carmel Science and Industry Park, Israel

RepAir Carbon Capture

RepAir develop a highly efficient, modular, and scalable DAC solution. We separate CO2 from the air using our novel electrochemical cell-based technology that requires only 650 KWh/tCO2 removed from the air.

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London, United Kingdom

Mission Zero Technologies

A low energy DAC provider with 2 plants to be in commercial prodution in 2023 including the X Prize winning Project Hajar (project-hajar.com)

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Berkeley, CA, United States (USA)


Bringing CO2 removal from atmospheric air to industrial scale

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Nairobi, Kenya

Octavia Carbon

East African DAC project developer & low-cost manufacturer, initially focused on a deep market for CO2-enriching greenhouses in the region, where DAC can add commercial value at >$100m/yr scale. Also focused on bringing East Africa’s geological CO2 storage potential online, and on creating the world’s lowest-cost DAC-CDR deployments by partnering with leading DAC technology developers.

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London, United Kingdom


Airhive is building a fast and flexible direct air capture system using a novel reactor and nano-active capture materials.

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Berlin, Germany


At Ucaneo Biotech we develop the world’s first cell-free Direct Air Capture technology leveraging a biocatalytic membrane to capture CO2 from the air. Climate change is a global problem and needs to be tackled at scale. Therefore, we set the goal to capture 0.5 GT of CO2 from the air by 2035 – roughly the same weight as all humans on earth combined!

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Los Angeles, CA, United States (USA)

CarbonCapture Inc

CarbonCapture is a US-based climate technology company that develops modular DAC machines that filter carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. The company also develops large-scale carbon removal projects using its proprietary DAC technologies, generating high-quality carbon removal credits for companies with net zero goals that seek to offset their hard-to-abate emissions. DAC-sourced carbon removal credits are the gold standard in offsets: measurable, verifiable, and permanent.

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Kyiv, Ukriane


Carbominer develops an efficient and sustainable technology to capture CO₂ locally from the ambient air to help companies transit to sustainable operations and reach net-zero goals. Carbominer’s main competitive advantages are the ability to set the affordable price per ton of CO₂ due to the transportability of the capturing modules, usage of electrochemistry for CO₂ regeneration and ability to harness the intermittent renewable energy.

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Berkeley, United States (USA)


Capture6 deploys permanent direct air capture solutions that create benefits for people and the planet. Our approach can be implemented at scale today by repurposing existing commercial technologies. We seek gigaton removal annually within 20 years to contribute to climate change solutions. As a Public Benefit Corporation, we prioritize our mission to increase global carbon capture while growing our business.

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Sydney, Australia


Australia-based DAC project developer focusing on modular solar-powered Direct Air Capture units.

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