What is
Direct Air Capture?

Technologies that remove excess CO2 directly from the air. There are a growing number of proven and emerging solutions with the promise to do it cost effectively and at global scale. The CO2 they capture can be turned into useful products or sequestered in ways that create economic value and directly address the threat of climate change.


Why is it Important?

Science tells us that we need to remove hundreds of billions of tons of CO2 to avoid catastrophic climate change. Because it can be deployed quickly and located nearly anywhere there is air, Direct Air Capture has a critical role to play. We need to start today.

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What do
we do?

We support the international effort to address the climate challenge by bringing together diverse, leading global innovators – from technology, business, finance, government, and civil society – to educate, engage, and mobilize around Direct Air Capture together.

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Tell us what you need. Ask your questions. Share your ideas. Lay out your concerns. Your input can literally help shape the future of this space … and our planet.

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