Legal Planet
Jun 2, 2020

New Roadmaps for Negative Emissions – Legal Planet

Last week saw two exciting reports released which examine how to remove carbon at scale. Getting to Neutral: Options for Negative Carbon Emissions in California was led by a team from Lawrence Livermore National Labs (LNLL), and assesses pathways for California to remove 125 million tons of CO2 /year from the air by 2045, in … Continue reading “New Roadmaps for Negative Emissions”

Jul 15, 2020

Start-ups test ideas to suck CO2 from atmosphere

Widespread targets to reduce emissions to net zero have boosted interest in ‘direct air capture’ technology

Sep 20, 2020

Shopify’s Sustainability Fund: How We’re Investing to Reverse Climate Change

We launched Shopify’s Sustainability Fund to address a hard truth: there’s too much carbon in the air. Learn how we spent the fund’s first $5 million on the most promising and innovative solutions fighting climate change—and the visionary entrepreneurs behind them.

Squamish Chief
Sep 20, 2020

Carbon Engineering: There it grows again

Squamish green tech company fielding investors and making deals for the future