Jun 25, 2022

Carbon Removal And Usage Gains Traction As Energy Transition Lags

As it becomes increasingly obvious that a) the energy transition is not progressing at a rapid-enough pace to achieve the timelines set under global decarbonization goals, and b) that, as the National Academies of Sciences admits, these goals cannot be achieved through carbon reduction via renewa…

Jul 29, 2022

The Success Of One Company Could Just Lead The U.S. To Become Carbon Negative Relatively Quickly

Conceivably, within a decade a single company will be able to remove more carbon dioxide per year from the atmosphere than the U.S. emits during an entire year.

Aug 4, 2022

RepAir Carbon: Low-Power, Low-Water Direct Air Capture (DAC) In Israel

RepAir has developed a direct air capture (DAC) system that is expected to use nearly 70% less energy than liquid sorbent DAC systems and only minimal amounts of water. Because water and fuel usage are two of the main resource constraints for DAC, RepAir’s technology looks very interesting.

Aug 26, 2022

A Part Of Europe: How One Ukraine-Based Startup Aims To Stay Plugged Into The Continent’s Markets

Prior to Russia’s invasion, Ukraine’s startups were beginning to operate within the wider European innovation ecosystem. Can that kind of progress continue? Trevor Clawson talks to Nick and Viktoria Oseyko of Carbominer about running European pilots and pitching for customers