Dec 14, 2023

BCG Inks Major Deal to Remove Carbon From the Air

The firm is now the largest corporate buyer from Swiss startup Climeworks, boosting the nascent carbon removal industry.

Carbon Herald
Dec 6, 2023

Lufthansa And Airbus Team Up For CO2 Removal

Lufthansa and Airbus sign a cooperation contract for the pre-purchase of verified and durable carbon removal credits.

Yahoo Finance
Dec 5, 2023

Deep Sky and Airhive to Deploy One of the World’s Largest Direct Air Capture (DAC) Units in Canada

Deep Sky, a Montreal-based gigaton-scale carbon removal project developer, and Airhive, a UK-based DAC startup, have partnered to deploy carbon removal technology in Canada. Airhive will deliver and install a modular DAC unit to be operated at Deep Sky’s pilot facility in Quebec in 2024. The unit will have the capacity to remove 1,000 tonnes of CO2 per year, making it one of the largest installed end-to-end DAC systems in the world.