Feb 4, 2023

Concrete traps CO2 soaked from air in climate-friendly test

A California startup using rocks to soak up carbon dioxide from the air has teamed up with a Canadian company to mineralize the gas in concrete, a technological tie-up that is a first and they say could provide a model for fighting climate change globally.

E&E News
Jan 30, 2023

Competition heats up for U.S. direct air capture program

Interested parties so far include CarbonCapture Inc. of California and Sustaera Inc. of North Carolina, as well as the University of Houston and the

Washington Post
Jan 27, 2023

Analysis | Carbon Removal Is Where Green Investment Should Go

Net zero is unreachable without it. And forget about offsets. They’re mostly bunk.

Business Insider
Jan 23, 2023

The world is one step closer to making a business out of vacuuming carbon dioxide from the sky

Climeworks, which makes technology for pulling carbon dioxide from the air, hit a milestone when a third-party auditor verified the company's process.