Aug 4, 2022

Republican and Democratic lawmakers actually agree on two areas of climate policy

Tax credits for carbon capture and storage, "direct air capture," and climate resilience are all seeing gains.

MIT Technology Review
Aug 4, 2022

A startup using minerals to draw down CO2 has scored funding—and its first buyer

Heirloom Carbon Technologies believes it can pull off carbon removal for $50 a ton, and aims to remove one billion tons by 2035.

the Guardian
Aug 4, 2022

Trials to suck carbon dioxide from the air to start across the UK

A major £30m project will test trees, peat, rock chips, and charcoal as ways of removing climate-heating emissions

Aug 4, 2022

Offset start-ups devise smart ways to trap carbon

CO2 removal has a role in the race to net zero, but the days of simply planting trees are over