The Atlantic
Apr 13, 2022

We’ve Never Seen a Carbon-Removal Plan Like This Before

Companies including Google and Facebook are pouring more than $900 million into a nascent technology that’s essential to zeroing out emissions.

MIT Technology Review
Jul 5, 2022

We need to draw down carbon—not just stop emitting it

Carbon removal is no substitute for reducing climate pollution. But it is now a necessary tool to keep temperatures in check.

Fast Company
Apr 22, 2022

We need a massive carbon removal industry. What will it take to scale it up?

A small but growing number of companies are focused on carbon removal through various approaches. But this type of technology will have to radically grow.

Data For Progress
May 18, 2022

Voters Want State and Federal Lawmakers to Lead on Carbon Dioxide Removal

New York's Carbon Dioxide Removal Leadership Act enjoys widespread support, as does a federal version of the bill.