Oct 5, 2022

Salt Lake City joins communities in 3 states to fund new carbon dioxide removal projects

Utah's capital city is joining local communities in Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico in an effort to increase carbon dioxide removal projects within the Four Corners region.

Oct 4, 2022

Why $100 per ton is the carbon removal industry's holy grail

It €™s the point at which carbon removal services become affordable at the scale needed to make it a meaningful tool to reach net zero emissions.

Oct 3, 2022

'Returns could be in the trillions': Report touts huge investment opportunity of carbon removal technologies

BeZero Carbon research points to growing commercial interest in carbon removals such as direct air capture, enhanced weathering and biochar

Casper Star-Tribune Online
Sep 29, 2022

State has high hopes for huge carbon capture project

A proposed direct air capture facility in Wyoming could bring hundreds of jobs and a new source of revenue, beginning as soon as 2023.