Green Car Congress
Oct 24, 2022

Audi and Krajete developing direct air capture technologies for CO2

AUDI AG and the Austria-based green tech company Krajete GmbH are jointly developing new technologies for filtering emissions from ambient air. In addition to robust adsorber materials, these direct air capturing technologies (DAC) are based, above all, on innovative processes. They make far-reaching energy and cost reductions possible. The latest...

The Verge
Oct 20, 2022

Climeworks closes a chapter in early carbon removal tech

Its direct air capture plant in Hinwil marked a milestone. Now, it’s outdated.

Oct 18, 2022

Carbon removal has a funding gap. This climate nonprofit is attempting to fill it.

Terraset, a new nonprofit, is channeling private philanthropy into carbon dioxide removal.

The Sheridan Press
Oct 10, 2022

Project Bison aims to change Wyoming’s future

A conversation group conducted a town hall meeting at Western Wyoming Community College on Wednesday, Oct. 5, to discuss Project Bison, a five-megaton direct air capture carbon removal project in