Sep 21, 2020

ExxonMobil expands agreement with Global Themostat sees promise in direct air technology

IRVING, Texas – ExxonMobil and Global Thermostat have expanded their joint development agreement following 12 months of technical evaluation to determine the feasibility and potential scalability of Global Thermostat’s technology that captures carbon dioxide (CO2) directly from the air.

Dec 2, 2020

The Future Of Carbon Capture Is In The Air

Renewable energy may be more economic than fossil fuels, but they continue to play an important role. For that to work with climate goals though, carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology must be mainstreamed. Climeworks new direct air capture plant could be lighting the way.

Institute for Carbon Removal Law & Policy | An American University Research Center
Dec 13, 2020

Slowing Climate Change With Sewage Treatment for the Skies

Removing carbon from the atmosphere  is expensive €”but so are a lot of other necessary things.