March 13, 2024 | By DAC Coalition

London, March 13, 2024 – The Direct Air Capture Coalition (DACC) and AlliedOffsets are excited to announce the launch of a landmark initiative, the DAC Deployment Map, now live on the DACC website. This interactive map represents a significant step towards enhancing transparency, education, and collaboration in the field of Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology.

The DAC Deployment Map provides the most up-to-date overview of global DAC projects, highlighting the innovative efforts across the world in an increasingly differentiated industry. The Map has a deliberate focus on First-of-a-Kind (FOAKs) facilities and projects that are likely to come online in the near-term and avoids projects that have a high degree of delivery uncertainty (e.g., large-scale facilities projected more than four years in the future). In this sense, it serves as an accurate snapshot of DAC in its current form rather than a comprehensive outlook of long-term planned capacity. Users can explore detailed information about each deployment, including facility names, locations, technologies used, CO2 capture capacities, and operational statuses.

Key features of the DAC Deployment Map:

  • A Global Snapshot: Locations of DAC facilities across the world, showcasing the projects that are due to come online in the next four years.
  • Interactive Exploration: Users can click on each facility for detailed insights, including the company behind the project and its respective partners, the technology employed, CO2 capture capacity, and CO2 end use.
  • Up-to-Date Information: The map reflects the latest developments in the DAC field, offering an invaluable resource for researchers, policymakers, industry stakeholders, climate advocates, frontline community organizations, and the general public.

“This map is not just a tool; it’s a testament to the explosion of progress and innovation DAC companies have made over the last few years,” said Aaron Benjamin, UK and Europe Lead of the Direct Air Capture Coalition. “Images are a powerful means to display data and by tracking and transforming the data into a map, we provide a holistic view of DAC deployments worldwide. As a living resource, we look forward to watching the map become more populated with the inclusion of further announced projects and new layers of facility data”.

“Investments in innovative technologies like DAC are essential to achieving our climate goals and reducing emissions in the years to come,” stated Anton Root, Head of Research at AlliedOffsets. “We hope that the work we have done together with the DAC Coalition to map out DAC sites and deployments will bring more transparency to the space.”

The DAC Deployment Map is part of DACC’s broader mission to support the growth of DAC by serving as a field catalyst, accelerating connectivity and collaboration in the emerging and increasingly varied ecosystem. 

Looking ahead, the analysis underscores the need for continued collaboration, innovation, and policy support to unlock the full potential of DAC. By scaling up deployment and driving down costs, DAC can play a transformative role in achieving ambitious global net zero targets. 

Editors’ Notes: Supporting Data 

  • 53 DAC plants (combined pilots and commercial facilities) are expected to be operational by the end of 2024, with a combined capacity of 58 ktCO2/yr
  • 93 DAC plants to be operating in 2030 with a combined capacity of 6.4-11.4 MtCO2/yr have been announced to date
  • Median production of DAC plants in 2024 is still 100 tCO2/yr, and many plants are still in their pilot phase
  • 2024 is a big year for DAC, as there is an anticipated 7.8x increase in global capacity from 2023 (7.4 ktCO2/yr) to 2024 (58 ktCO2/yr) due to the operationalisation of some of the world’s first kiloton plants
  • By the end of 2024, 18 plants are scheduled to be operational in North America and 24 in Europe, with the leading countries being the US, UK, and Canada. 

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About the Direct Air Capture Coalition

The Direct Air Capture (DAC) Coalition was founded in 2022 to provide the connectivity, coordination, and leadership in the DAC ecosystem required to achieve the scope and scale necessary for DAC to play a critical role in solving the climate crisis. The DAC Coalition is a non-profit, multi-stakeholder, climate-focused, public-spirited coalition consisting of over 110 companies, civil society groups, and research and academic institutions focused on educating, engaging, and mobilizing society to scale DAC in a sustainable, equitable, and effective way. The DAC Coalition acts as the only non-commercial global organization with a core, full-time focus on serving as a field catalyst to grow and accelerate the DAC ecosystem.


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Aaron Benjamin 

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Head of Research, Allied Offsets