Ted Talks

A new way to remove CO2 from the atmosphere

Financial Times

How capturing CO2 from air can combat climate change

Arizona State University

Direct air-capture machine | Arizona State University


Direct Air Capture Deep Dive with Dr. Jennifer Wilcox

ClearPath Action

A New Tool In The CO2 Reduction Toolkit: Direct Air Capture (DAC)

Chemistry Shorts

Direct Air Capture & The Future of Climate Change

Bipartisan Policy Center

Making the Case for Direct Air Capture and Carbon Removal

OpenAir Collective

This is CDR: Intro to DAC with Habib Azarabadi

OpenAir Collective

This is CDR: Climeworks Update 2021 and Beyond

OpenAir Collective

This is CDR: Noya with Josh Santos, CEO

Frontier CDR Direct Air Capture Innovation Opportunities – Eve Hanson

OpenAir Collective

This is CDR: DACC + Concrete with Chris Neidl and Na’im Merchant

Marcus Sonoma


OpenAir Collective

This is CDR: Heirloom with Max Scholten and Noah McQueen

OpenAir Collective

This is CDR: Sustaera with Shantanu Agarwal


The future of direct air capture policy: a Climeworks and Carbon180 event

Illinois Sustainable Technology Center

The Current Status and Pillars of Direct Air Capture Technologies


Direct Air Capture: A key technology for net zero

Department of Energy

Carbon Negative Shot: Carbon Dioxide Removal

Foundation for Climate Restoration

Solution Series: Direct Air Capture Expert Panel

OpenAir Collective

This is CDR: Mission Zero – Modular, Heat Free & Low Cost DAC with Dr. Nicholas Chadwick

World Resources Institute

Why Do We Need Carbon Removal?


Direct Air Capture | Briefing Series: Scaling Up Innovation to Drive Down Emissions

Bipartisan Policy Center

Bipartisan Policy Center’s DAC DAY


Direct Air Capture Industry Spotlight

Ted Talks

Africa’s great carbon valley — and how to end energy poverty


Why Big Tech Is Pouring Money Into Carbon Removal

OpenAir Collective

This is CDR: Soletair Power’s DAC x HVAC with Petri Laakso

National Wildlife Federation

Climate 101: Direct Air Capture


Climeworks’ Direct Air Capture Summit 2022

OpenAir Collective

This is CDR: Carbyon’s “Fast-Swing” DAC with Dr. Hans de Neve


Distributed Decentralized Direct Air Capture


Green in Sixty Ep 1 | Direct Air Capture

Soletair Power

3D Flythrough animation: Soletair Power Outdoor Carbon Dioxide Capture Unit (DAC of CO2) in Germany


Why do we need a technology that removes CO₂ from the air? | Climeworks

OpenAir Collective

This Is CDR: RepAir’s Electrochemical DAC with Amir Shiner


MRV for DAC to Mineralization

OpenAir Collective

This Is CDR: Just and Equitable DAC Hubs with Dr. Simone Stewart and Celina Scott-Buechler


The Gift of the Rift: Kenya’s Carbon Removal Opportunity


Building Equitable Frameworks for DAC Deployment in Emerging Economies


DAC Around the World: A Survey of Progress and Potential

Energy Intelligence

In Conversation With: Jason Hochman, Co-Founder and Senior Director of the Direct Air Capture Coalition

Deploying DAC: Adam Goff (Calcite)

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